Sign up to the ISSCoP 

This section lists the main actions required for sign up to the ISS CoP

  1. The CSO will engage with public authorities compiling Official Statistics and provide the necessary support and guidance on the ISSCoP.
  2. Public authorities will be required to nominate a statistical coordinator with responsibility for monitoring standards with respect to the compilation and dissemination of Official Statistics within the authority. The coordinator will act as the primary liaison between the public authority and the CSO on matters relevant to Official Statistics.
  3. Official Statistics will be identified in consultation between the public authority and the Director General of the CSO.
  4. Assessment Process
    • Self-assessment questionnaire, to be completed by the public authority. If the public authority is seeking the ISSCoP logo for a European statistic, to highlight compliance with the Code, the public authority will be required to complete the ESCoP self-assessment questionnaire.
    • Independent CSO peer review. Members of the peer review team will be drawn from at least three different divisions from within the CSO.
    • Improvement actions will be drawn up following self-assessment and peer reviews to provide the appropriate focus to strengthen adherence to the Code of Practice. Progress on these actions will be monitored on a regular basis.
  5. The public authority will publish a statement on its website outlining its adherence to the ISS CoP.
  6. Official Statistics will be listed on the ISSCoP website under Official Statistics.
  7. The compilation and dissemination of Official Statistics should be regularly reviewed with respect to the ISS CoP.
  8. The Director General of the CSO may comment on the implementation of the ISS CoP.
  9. Public authorities compiling Official Statistics in compliance with the ISSCoP will be entitled to publish their Official Statistics under the ISSCoP logo.

Find out more

 If your organization would like to find out more information about the ISSCoP process, please contact the team at or call us on +353-1-498-4173.

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