Official Statistics

What are Official Statistics?

Official Statistics are defined in the Statistics Act, 1993 as statistics compiled by the CSO or any other public authority whether under the Statistics Act, 1993 or otherwise

For the purpose of the ISS CoP, ‘Official Statistics’ will be agreed between the Director General of the Central Statistics Office (CSO) and the head of the relevant public authority where they are considered to be of sufficient public interest and satisfying the following criteria:

  • produced by or on behalf of a public authority
  • continuous i.e. there should be a reasonable expectation that the published statistic will be updated with new data to provide comparability over time
  • where a statistic is produced as a “one-off” the Director General of the CSO, in consultation with the responsible public authority, may deem the statistic an Official Statistic if it is considered to be of public interest
  • in the public domain.

The National Statistics Board may be asked to arbitrate when agreement cannot be reached. This is in conformity with Section 31 (3) of the Statistics Act, 1993.

List of Official Statistics

The list of Official Statistics will be developed and updated over time. Official Statistics will be listed on this web page when they are assessed to be in accordance with the ISSCoP.